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Thanks and it is a great community here!

I use a blend of Colombian, Brazil, Ethiopian, and Sumatra. In general I try to look for low acidic beans.
The blend develops great crema. I roast just into 2nd crack maybe right before a roll starts.

I also use a Profitec 500 PID.

WRT - the German video and comments about the Profitec 500 PID, I disagree. If you read the comments in the video from others you will find some that argue the findings as well.

The complaints against the Profitec 500 PID, or any other of good espresso machines, reminds me when I complained my guitar was not the best. Then when a professional musician took it into his hands. He first tuned it by ear. Then proceeded to play all forms and styles of music on it. He made that old guitar sounds like a million bucks. I could not believe my ears, I was shocked.

The Profitec 500 PID is an incredible design and the grinder you have is outstanding! Have fun!!!

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