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Kaanemec wrote: My basket takes 18gr to 20gr with no problem (58mm Breville Basket).
The 920XL comes with two 18g baskets. One single-wall and one double-wall. Which one are you using?


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Hi All,

I bought Eureka Mignon Specialita grinder. The consistency has been improved like day and night. I can now pull shots 25-30 secs with smooth, delicious, balanced non-sour taste...

I am using single wall double basket of 920xl, fill it with 18gr coffee, pull 36-37gr espresso in 24-26secs. Tastes great.

I suggest to everyone who comes up to this thread and looking to improve their shots, grinder is more important than you think.

Thanks a lot to everyone who contributed to the solution!



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Good to hear you got it sorted out. And yes, the grinder question has been talked about many many times over on this forum and others :)

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I'd like to congratulate you, Kaan, on doing a really wonderful job letting your senses and palate lead you through making adjustments and finding the right shot for your beans and your tastes. You seem to have a well developed palate and I'm impressed that you settled on a 1:3 shot based on taste...deviating from the "rules" and tradition is something a lot of new home baristas struggle with.

Thank you for sharing, congratulations on the new grinder, and keep up the good work!
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Yes, grinder, grinder, grinder but. . . .for someone in a similar situation I would say try going 'Hendon' and the Matter paper. Grind coarser and go for a shorter extraction time. Yes the mouthfeel is different but it might it someone's 'tasty point.'


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Interesting paper indeed. But don't you have more acidic (hence sour) and less caffeinated shots while doing shorter extraction time and coarser coffee?


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There are folks here who have done more with this than I. I have a small sample size. The taste is a bit different (but not too sour--there is sweet) for me the taste isn't as 'layered' and the mouthfeel is thinner. I could see where some might like it more than a trad shot, I don't.