Frothing raw milk - no creaminess?

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So we use raw milk (no need to get into a health discussion -- not the point of this thread) and I'm struggling to get the creamy microfoam that I can easily achieve when frothing 3.5% milk that's been pasteurized and homogonized (aka, "normal" milk we can get in the shop).

Not sure if it's a "raw milk thing" -- or perhaps what the particular cows are eating...? I suppose the later as I saw another thread where someone stated they get brilliant microfoam from their raw milk... The milk is from Jersey cows which should have enough creamy fat content.

Just wanted to ask if anyone knows of a reason raw milk might not get creamy and foamy like normal milk when frothing? (Other than cow diet, or not mixing the cream content in with the milk properly (raw milk cream separates from the milk and needs to be mixed before using)) ...

Thank you!

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Lo and behold I found another thread speaking about raw milk which seemed to conclude that it's the homoginization process that helps milk to froth nicely, and since the raw milk we use is neither pasteurized or homogonized, that would probably explain it...

Tried to delete this thread (since I suspect that's all there is to say) but can't seem to delete it ....


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No reason to delete it. It may help some other person who is using raw milk and having the same problem you had.

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There's also some kind of enzyme that can make milk hard to froth. With no ill reflection on the Canadians, if anything kudos for researching and publishing on it, ... -in-canada


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I have the same problem with vat pasteurized milk, since it usually isn't homogenized. Tastes great, but impossible for me to froth. Does anyone know a source for vat pasteurized, homogenized milk? I've heard that cafes can get it, but what about individuals?

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you may be able to homogenize it but I wouldn't, if you want all the benefits of using raw milk I'd take the lack of creaminess in a cappa for granted.
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Homogenizing has never had any ill effect when I've done it. My method uses a blender - just whiz a batch at a time to break up and distribute the fat. It will stay pretty well homogenized for at least a couple days. When I pasteurized and homogenized, it never re-separated on me, so I think melting the fat helps somewhat.

Blending the milk will yield a bunch of foam. For this I pour out into a wide heat-safe container - baking dish, saucier, whatever you have - and blow torch the bubbles. It takes only a second and does not heat the milk.

Since this is a lot of extra surface contact for a raw dairy product, you may also want to sanitize the blender and pan/dish before using either one.

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Homogenizing is certainly possible and easy, there is literature about the effects on the body;

I have no bone in that discussion, just throwing it out there. Personally I'd be very happy to be able to use raw Jersey Cow's milk!
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Thanks all for your thoughts.

Yes, I do like the benefits of raw milk in general -- just too bad I can't get it frothed nicely.

Interesting method of a certain level of homogenization, Steve ... not sure I want to go through that trouble though ... or perhaps I may try it -- just not sure about using a propane blow torch on the milk bubbles ... does it not take on any of the taste / smell / properties of the propane?

Curious if anyone has used unhomogonized raw milk and had success in micro texturing it?

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I'd skip propane torching my milk if I were using raw milk for health benefits, just does not seem to make sense to me...YMMV of course.
Why not accept it'll not make the best micro foam, or buy some homogenized organic whole milk for micro foam?
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