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the issue I see is, non homogenized milk steams more difficult due to it's composition and if that non homogenized milk has a higher fat content than most other milk (Jersey cows) the issue becomes more least that is what I'm thinking based on my earlier experience...
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Makes sense...


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Perhaps a bit more of a challenge but stick with it and it's very frothable, at least in my experience. You'll have to adapt your technique a bit, as when changing between other milk types, but don't throw in the towel thinking it's not possible. I do it ever day. It just takes a bit of persistence to learn what your new technique needs to be. I have pics of oat, raw unhomogenized, and half-and-half that look virtually identical to me. Persevere :)

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Could you perhaps explain a bit how you adapt your frothing technique when going from normal homogenized milk to raw unhomogenized? Other than just trying to froth more (tearing stage) and thus incorporate less (swirl after the tearing), what would one do to adapt?


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I'm going by feel - stretching until it looks right - so not sure how well it can be explained. It does take me longer to get it stretched than with other milks (especially half and half, which I'm very aggressively blowing air into immediately) and I'm also trying to get it swirling as much as I can right out of the gate. I do have to be careful to keep the tip in the surface enough, whereas with oat milk for example, it seems to respond better with the tip a smidge higher for a bit more volume of air.

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Thanks -- though I guess one is limited once the temperature gets up to where we need to stop lest it become over-heated -- so not sure I could stretch any more than I am ... I also have tried aggressive aeration, or just longer tearing .... In any case -- thanks ... starting to think it might be the jersey milk I'm using ...