From goldilocks to the desert - why?

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EPC-8, NZ, medium light roasts (American Beauty, B&W Gesha). Two weeks ago almost every shot was delicious. And then suddenly I can't get a good shot for love or money.

Wondering why.

Around that time my AB bag emptied and a new one arrived. It could be that the Gesha bag went stale, and it's too early for the new AB.

My NZ is new and so still settling - so I'm periodically re-calibrating my settings for each bean.

- How narrow is the "peak" window for the beans? Is the fall so steep?
- Changes in water?
- Temp/humidity?

It's really gone "off" and trying to find the groove again.


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Two weeks is enough time for beans to shift from amazing to not amazing and I wouldn't be shocked by that. you might want to reach out to the roaster and check what they say the shelf life of the coffee is to see if that matches what you got out of them. obviously, the environment can be a factor so how you store the coffee is important to its longevity and you might want to consider looking into alternative storage options to increase its shelf life but that's a whole other rabbit hole.

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So from roast date, wait two weeks, and then your good window is ... 2 weeks? Then a cliff?

The B&W Gesha roast date is exactly one month ago.


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Has the humidity or other aspects of your kitchen climate changed significantly?

Seeing the "desert" in the title and realizing it might be misinterpreted, this is a serious question.

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Freeze your beans
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So is that the recipe? Wait around 2 weeks to degass, freeze the beans at that point?

And no I didn't move my apartment to a desert :) Miami is Miami and while there's some variability, it's mostly AC controlled environment.