Freezing beans then grinding...taste better?

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My espresso is very good (by my taste and from friends/family), but we can always do better...right? My equipment weak link is my Rocky grinder so I already WDT. This was a big help. Now I've been playing with freezing a dose of beans overnight in an airtight container and grinding right away. It seems to me that I'm tasting richer, more depth of favor shots. My question this all in my head or is there really something to this technique?
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Freezing coffee beans Search on H-B

I will freeze from time to time because I don't notice any negative effects and it allows me to use coffees that - at room temperature - would be beyond the fresh period. This topic has been thoroughly discussed across many posts over the years. I'm not sure you'll learn anything new except for maybe validating your popular experience. Lots of great stuff in those posts.
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Thanks for the links, though I have looked at most of this material and have indeed started freezing beans that are getting "old". My question is directed more toward freezing overnight fresh beans to enhance flavor. Here again my feeling is that it all depends on the grinder. My Rocky is probably benefiting from this procedure, whereas a Monolith Grinder would's just light years better. Just thinking...that might be dangerous. :shock:
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I do not think an overnight freeze will "enhance" the flavor of a bean, but it might make a grinder have an easier time to improve the grind due to frozen beans shattering more easily going through the burrs. Also maybe not heating up as much while being ground. This might lead to better extraction and improved taste but probably minimal at best. I am in the camp that does freeze my beans as I generally buy five pounds at a time, divide and vacuum pack them until time to use but this is only done to extend prime brewing life expectancy.
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