The Force Tamper not working as advertised [FIXED]

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Today I received a Force Tamp from espresso parts. I noticed that all my shots were coming out very uneven(bottomless portafilter) than using a regular tamper. After tamping with the force tamp I would rest a regular tamper on top of the compacted coffee bed. 10 out of 10 times the regular tamper would be higher on one side than the other. I noticed that the Force Tamp has significant play in its mechanism and this always results in an uneven tamp that is even worse than me using a regular tamper. I hope espresso parts accepts my return for a full refund.


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I have one and really like it. Without more of a description it's hard to tell if there is something else to try out. Most grinders as example fill more in the middle of the portafilter and could benefit from a good wdt stir. Try to look at your puck prep and maybe there is something that stands out.

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I always use WDT. It's not the prep. Try it yourself. Use the force tamp, then place a regular tamper on top of the compacted coffee bed and look if it is tilted.


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I don't have that issue - maybe there's a problem with yours. If you're not happy send it back - it isn't cheap.

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Many people, whose prep skills are top notch, use or have used The Force Tamper with great success. I sense that Zubing takes great pride in his products. If I were in your shoes, I'd reach out to him as well as letting EPNW know of your concerns.


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Try tamping by holding down the leveling plate with your fingers. Then slowly push down until the tamp and then lift up slowly.

You have to hold the leveling plate with your fingers against the basket or else it can tamp unevenly. I know it might seem a bit shocking that you have to do this but given the light spring to push down and the thin leveling plate it easily introduces this sideways shifting
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F1 (original poster)

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It worked! Every tamp I have done now while holding the leveling plate has been perfectly leveled. I am surprised that is not mentioned in the instructions that came with the tamper. In my short experience with the tamper I was not able to get one single level tamp without holding the leveling plate with my fingers. Not even one out of luck. It seems like this step is mandatory in order to get a perfectly leveled coffee puck. Thx jevenator.

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Take a look at this video from Socratic Coffee...holding down the leveling plate. I also own the WPM ESP Cup (aka Sifter) works!! No more WDT. ... hare_sheet
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Where did you buy the WPM ESP Cup from?


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Thanks for this thread and the instagram video above, i was noticing some variations in leveling with the Force Tamper as well. I'll incorporate holding it to the PF above and see how it goes.

On related question, something I noticed with the tamper I wanted to ask the group. Does anyone else have any grind retention caught between the bottom of the tamp and the leveling plate?

I noticed after tamping two filters the force tamper retained a slight amount of grounds. I'll weigh it next time to double check how much.