Flat or curved tamper base?

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Although I ordered a flat tamper base I received what appears to be a slightly curved tamper base. The curve allows it to be rocked when placed on a flat surface.

I have two options- send it back or use it. However I'm unsure of the effects that a curved tamper will have. My initial thought is that this presents a thinner point of extraction in the centre hence increasing the probability of channeling in the centre.

Does anyone here use a curved base tamper?
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According to the poll Tamper bottoms: Flat or convex?, curved pistons are slightly more popular. I don't have a strong preference, though it does seem that convex pistons are less channel-prone than the flats. If I were you, I would keep the tamper (or order a second flat one and compare results :-)).

BTW, the tamper I use for the Microcasa has a flat base; in my experience with this espresso machine, the tamper seems particularly unimportant. Pay more attention to the correct dosage (the Microcasa doesn't like updosing) and the brew temperature (it can overheat if you dilly-dally).
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Nickk1066 wrote:Does anyone here use a curved base tamper?
I have three tampers. Flat, American Curve and C-Flat.

Reg Barber is in my ville natale. I get a new one every so often when I visit to see if shape makes any REAL difference. By REAL difference, I mean a consistent 100% verifiable improvement. As yet, after several years, we are still in the imaginary realm.

A curved tamper gives a tiny bit more room, when updosing, before the puck hits the screen. The puck hitting the screen is another myth that needs debunking. :roll:

The handles are pretty : Rosewood, Bubinga and Maple :wink:

Nickk1066 (original poster)

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Actually the Tamper in question is a Reg Barber - curved, steel, tall, maple. :p
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Please see Does Tamping Make Any Difference? for my latest escapade :wink:

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Owned & used flat and curved bases. For the 4 different machines I've owned over the past almost 3 decades the shape probably had little or no effected on the quality of the espresso. IMHO tampers and tamping can be one of the least important element effecting the quality of your drink. Freshness of the beans, grind quality dose & distribution are more important elements. Save some $ and use what you have unless you are really unhappy with the tamper. Handle shape and size is more important to me the the base shape.

Yes, slight curved (?American) RegBarber for the Elektra Micro Casa a Leva and a bit more curve (?Euro) for the Ponte Vecchio Lusso.
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