First drip pre-infusion & lower pressure workflows? Breville Dual Boiler

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Hi there

I've been experimenting with manual pre-infusion on my BDB and have had some good results so far.

I've tried holding down the manual button until I get the first drip, then letting the shot run to my desired yield. 18g in, 40g out. It's taking about 45" all in (from button press). On the dial, the shot is pulling at about 9.5bar, which seems high.

I've heard people talk about how going with a lower pressure and the first drip method of pre infusion results in some great results, but I'm unsure how to drop the pressure. Do I need to grind coarser? I've not done the Slayer mod and don't want to do it yet as the machine is still under warranty. Does anyone drop the pump pressure in the settings instead?

I'd love to hear ideas or how you use manual first drip pre-infusion in your workflow and/or a lower pressure?

It's a medium roast, FWIW