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I'd like to see the transparent portafilter used on a commercial lever machine, operated like the ones in Naples, visible on Youtube.

We make a fuss about not locking in a portafilter until just before the lever is open to boiler pressure on a manual lever, due to dire thought of the inrush of air disturbing the puck.

When the commercial lever is pulled down (a 1 second process it seems, in Naples), you'd think disruption would occur every time.
Either it does, and this is an acceptable practice, and the product consumed and regarded as the 'norm', or it does, but the shot could be so much better if 'they' locked in just before the group was open to boiler pressure, or there isn't really any disruption at all.

Thoughts, guesses and what have you encountered?

Once I get my commercial levers up and running, I'll be trying this out.

Unfortunately, I can't even tell you if it makes a difference on my Cremina since I've never tried locking in and yanking up on the lever. Looks like I'm going to have to do some experimenting next week, unless someone here has confirmed the results for themselves.


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To do that trick on my La Pavoni, I would need three hands (1) to hold the portafilter; (2) to lift the lever; (3) to steady the base, which would otherwise lift with the lever. So I tamp very lightly with the intention of letting the air pass through the puck without disturbing it. This seems to work as the shots are usually fine - no channeling - and post-shot examination of the puck doesn't reveal any disturbance.

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These videos are instructive, but I wonder how representative they are.
The placement of disposable paper filters on top of the coffee looks to be justified. I still need to give it a try.
I certainly hope the pre-infusion on my LaPavoni Professional Lever machine is not this violent.