Filter basket size and dose variation?

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Why is it that some filter baskets are rated at a single weight and others have a spread? It is my understanding that a 14 g basket can be filled plus or -1 g. Some baskets are advertised 16 to 20 g. What is the difference between the baskets with a 4 g spread versus baskets that are rated at a single weight dose?

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Capacity is pretty much bogus, especially as the density of grinds vary significantly across roast levels and the headspace of machines differ. I'm guessing that gram-sizing originally came from the era of doser grinders when fill-and-sweep was common for controlling the dose.

Pick a basket that has the flow characteristics you prefer at your desired dose. Too little headspace likely has more of an impact in the cup than too much.

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Do you see any issue with minimal headspace if the puck doesn't press against the shower screen at any point during the shot?

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IMS rates their baskets with separate weight ranges for different roast levels...
If you watch/read enough people out there who are trying to push the boundaries and doing their own experimentation, you'll realise that practically any 'rule' can be broken under certain circumstances.
I wouldn't worry about it, and just play with dosing for the best tasting beverage.