Filling Espresso Machine Water Tank Under Cabinets

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I'm gearing up to purchase a Lelit Bianca and am starting to think about how I'm going to fill the water tank. I made a cardboard mock-up of the machine (yep, I'm that guy) to see how it will fit under our kitchen cabinets, and even with the tank on the side it is not easily accessible. I would like to avoid having to pull the machine out from under the cabinets every time.

I have seen the La Nuova funnel tray from 1st Line and it looks like a good option. I'm wondering if there are any other "Tips and Techniques" from veteran home baristas that I should consider was well.

In a related topic, on a machine like the Bianca how does one monitor the water level to know when the tank needs to be refilled? With the Breville Barista Express we have now the tank is a clear plastic and the water level is easy to see.


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I believe the Bianca can have its tank re-mounted on the left side, which may simplify things for you.

Perhaps some "sliders" under the feet and you can get to it easier.


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In the bad old days before I had a plumbed machine - a small hole drilled in the base of the cupboard just wide enough to fit a funnel....

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This would be easy - a humidifier air hose - since the sink is right there.
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I use the funnel tray to fill my Profitec Pro 700, and I top off the tank each day so I never worry about running dry. Takes all of 1 minute and has just become part of my routine.

If your machine sits far back under the cabinet you may need to slide it forward a bit to be able to pour into the funnel. I put felt pads under the feet of my machine to make that easier.

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LMWDP # 272


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I had previously responded with my method in the linked "Profitec Pro 700" post...

I used the same concept as the tube and funnel except instead of a flexible tube, I used cpvc pipe so that it would also hold the reservoir "door" open on my synchronika. Don't have a picture handy, but imagine a piece of plastic pipe long enough to clear the front of the overhead cabinet with a 90 deg elbow facing down into the reservoir and a 90 deg elbow facing up on the other end into which I insert a metal funnel. I just mix up my RPavlis water in a gallon jug and pour right into the funnel. When I'm done it just goes into a lower cabinet with the water jug.

I've found that with my wife making a couple milk drinks a day along with a couple straight shots for myself, if I fill the reservoir every other evening I rarely hit the shut-off switch.

Hope that helps!

PS - Maybe just paranoia on my part, but make sure whatever tubing you use is food-safe. The CPVC I used is NSF rated for drinking water.


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I have exactly the same problem. I use a funnel and some 1/2-inch tubing, from a homebrew supply store - I ordered from

On my machine (an ECM Synchronika) you can't tell from the outside if it needs filling, so you have to be careful not to overfill. Generally not a problem, as I use about the same amount of water each day.