Figuring out pull on new Flair Espresso

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I have a Flair inbound and was wondering if I can use some old coffee beans that I have here to figure out the pull then go to the good stuff? Will it make that much difference ? Or do I need to use what I'm going to use ? New to espresso so this might be a dumb sorta question to most of you. :D Thanks

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Old coffee won't be helpful for learning espresso machines, it'll offer little flow restriction unless you grind really fine.

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Yakster is right

But there is no harm in it. Grind fine, dose higher, and have fun playing.

If you do choke it, maintain pressure without pulling any harder and the water will work its way through eventually.
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Go for it! Your machine - your experiments.

Just have the 'good stuff' on hand too, so you could compare or take notes and pics. It helps to have some direction in your mind, either to explore the flow effects of grind size, tamp pressure, PF etc. Flavor effects may not be as reliable with stale beans.

Have fun!