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Marshall wrote:Lodz? Were you in that cover story in Barista Magazine, Pawel?
No! But maybe I will be :lol:


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I'm curious as to what Heather mentions about dosing - how many grams in a double basket? I read somewhere that she recently started down dosing from 20 grams to between 12-16.


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I talked with Heather about that during my training session. She said that it really depends on the coffee itself. Some coffees are better at a larger dose. The WBC blend was used at (I think she said) 21 grams. Some coffees are better at a lower dose. There is no hard and fast rule. What you really have to learn is how to work with the coffee. Extract the best out of the coffee at whatever dose the coffee requires. The coffee itself determines the dose.


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Temperature, dose, extraction rates and quantity will vary drastically from coffee to coffee and blend to blend. To exacerbate that equation, those factors will change not only as the roasted coffee ages but as the greens age.
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