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New to this board, but i need help beyond reading the tutorials.

I had my set up for a long time a La Spaziale Vivaldi II with baratza vario grinder. Recently my grinder stopped, so while fixing it I bought a Timemore C3-pro hand grinder. While resetting my system, I re-read the vivaldi manual stating the portafilter cup for a double shot should be about 15 g. so playing with this I was able to get a 30 second pull with 30 gram 1:2 ration shot. The puck was wet, and it was a bit acidic, but moving in the ballpark. Then I fixed the Vario. But now I am so far off I need help.

I have increased the bean to 20 g, on the finest grind setting but am pulling 50 g in under 20 seconds. (obviously awful tasting with none of the rich body I crave). I do not understand why the vario grind on the finest setting with even more coffee can slow down the pull? I thought it was a good grinder? does the timemore grind finer? If i put more coffee in, the portafilter doesn't fit. I've tried hard packing, softer packing?

any thoughts for my situation?


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You probably need to calibrate the zero point on your Vario.

Can you hear the burrs touch at the finest setting?

If not, you need to follow Baratza's guide on calibrating the zero point:

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Thanks Jake,
I will try this when I get home. It feel like it could be the right solution.