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If I'm using a bottomless PF with an IMS basket and my shot is relatively smooth, does this mean my prep is good? There is an occasional spritz of liquid with a medium roast I've been using but it's just a few drops for a moment and there's zero channeling. I've just been second guessing my routine because I recently eliminated WDT.

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IMS baskets pull that way I find. In the end, for me, it's mostly about taste. How does it taste? Does the mouthfeel and flavour notes reflect the roast level and bean? Does it taste close to as good as the bean and grind smell?

You'd expect a perfect looking extraction to taste ideal and a flawed looking extraction to taste not so good but that's not always the case. For classic dark espresso roasts maybe but really light third wave drip style roasts can espresso extract looking awful but taste really good. There are a lot of variables. A little spritz happens but may not significantly affect the shot.

It's a tough one to judge, IMHO, what a shot should taste like when you only have your own shots to compare. I'm always wondering whether my shots are close to ideal good. They taste really good and if they're well balanced and have subtle notes you'd expect from the roast and bean I consider them good.
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expelliarmus wrote:There is an occasional spritz of liquid
I've had spritz often but that's been eliminated after better WDT. It sure is better for the cleanness in the kitchen / bar. As for the taste, grind size, water temp, pressure and extraction length have significant influence on it.

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Thanks for the replies. I've been using some American beauty beans from Northbound and followed the recipe they list but it was pulling a bit sour as straight espresso. Ended up making a flat white and that was pretty good and tasted like milk chocolate. Maybe I'll try letting the shot go long tomorrow and see where that takes me, as I've already increased the temp 2 degrees. I usually don't drink straight espresso but I want to taste all of the exotic flavors I've heard others speak of.