Extraction and temperatures on frozen coffee beans

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#1: Post by Katran »

I freeze beans using Weber containers. I do find that they extract a little different. I suspect that it has to do with the fact that the temperature of the puck is much lower with frozen beans.

How do you deal with this? Do you freeze your beans? Do you adjust the temperature? Do you take out the beans much earlier? Do you pre-heat the puck? (how would you even do that?)



#2: Post by palica »

I put my beans in a vacuum sealed bag in the freezer and prior to grind, I let the frozen beans at ambiant temp without opening the bag (breaking the seal), to avoid condensation, for a couple of hours. Once unfrozen, I open the bag and I use the beans like fresh ones.


#3: Post by Corgo replying to palica »

Exactly what I do but I wait a day between taking out of freezer and using it.


#4: Post by SutterMill »

Try microwaving the beans first

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#5: Post by Jeff »

In my experience frozen beans grind differently than room-temperature beans. I haven't found one to be "better" than the other, just a little different in the grind setting that I prefer.

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#6: Post by Jake_G »

I'm with Jeff on this.

When I freeze beans, I often pull straight from the freezer and grind frozen. Doing this requires a slightly coarser grind than letting the same beans come to room temp prior to grinding, but I can detect no difference in the cup once the shot times are equalized with the grind setting.

I also sometimes freeze a bag and then pull it from the freezer and let the bag thaw, but this is really relegated to coffees I will dump into a grinder hopper for a so-called "house blend".

With lighter roasts, I have stopped freez9ng them, as they tend to get better and better as they age...


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#7: Post by Plinyyounger »

Lol, I pull them from the freezer and grind them, pull them. Perfection.
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#8: Post by boren »

The ground coffee can't retain its low temperature for long. It goes to room temperature a lot quicker than the unground beans would. I suspect the difference in extraction is because the more brittle frozen beans grind a little differently, probably with less fines.


#9: Post by BaristaBob »

Lots of comments here and lots of truth. I used a thermal temperature gun to determine what the temperature rise would be when frozen beans go through a grinder. I would pull a dose out of the freezer, dump it immediately into the grinder, and then measure the temperature after grinding in a catch cup...it was always around 76F for an 18g dose. My little study was not that scientific, but I did perform the test over and over using two grinders, a Rocky doserless (50mm flat burrs running at I believe 1,400 rpms), and a MonoCon (68mm conical burrs operating at 110 rpms). I was a bit surprised that even the MonoCon running at very low rpms would generate that much energy in the form of thermal heat to the beans in only 20 seconds of grinding, but it consistently did.

Oh, and by the way, taste in the cup was always better doing this on the Rocky, but no difference on the MonoCon. My take on this was that grinding frozen beans with the Rocky really improved the uniformity of the grind, but didn't improve it on the MonoCon which already produced better grind uniformity.
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#10: Post by iyayy »

agree on less fines.

i can easily do 1 clicks finer on 1zK with beans from fridge (not freezer tho) to get similar pulls.
my issue is more of condensation and temp evenness.

beans out of fridge will condense moisture if not immediately grinded. it can be as worse as doing too much rdt giving clumpy uneven grinds/excessive retention.

and i cant get consistent tuning on brew temp unless i rest the beans for a day. (i adjust down to 1 degree and 1.5ml shot).
within 3hr it still isnt same as one day room rested.
i feel that the internal beans is still relatively cool, opposite of how steak has cooked outer layer.. this is cold inner layer.

so i just push air out and double ziplock beans instead.,single doesnt work as well. i note my settings on excel, and can easily reuse same settings even if i keep them room temp more than 2weeks.

fridge if im keeping it longer.