Extracamundo! Temperature adjustments?

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I'm trying to get a handle on Extractamundo! Dos, as it seems to be such a widely popular DE1 profile. Are people changing the temp on this with different coffees, especially light roasts, or leaving it at its default 183* and only adjusting grind and ratio?

I've had a great year of pulling Easy Blooming shots in the 15-20 second range (guess you could call those Turbo), using high temps around 203 degrees. Certain coffees love this profile and are some of the best shots i've ever tasted. Others however don't seem to be able to get the same clarity and sweetness, but are still good.

I'm just a bit amazed that Extractamundo seems to be aimed at lighter roast coffees using big flat burr grinders, and yet the temperature is so low. My experience has always been that light roast coffees like higher temps. Part of the profile is the "large temperature drop to reduce harshness", which brings it much lower than 183 starting temp.

Being unable to pull great shots with Extractamundo thus far, should I be bumping up the temperature as part of dialing in? I played with the ratio as suggested in the notes. and I found 1:2.2 to be right around the best flavor/clarity/sweetness balance, though its still considerably more bland than I was hoping to find.

FWIW I'm almost exclusively using Black & White coffees which I believe are light and sometimes medium-light roasts.

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re: blandness, what burrs are you using for ExDos! shots? IIRC, it was created for grinders with MP burrs or similar. I've even used high carbonate hardness water because it can be a bit harsh with MP burrs and light roasts, even at the default lower temps.

EDIT: also assuming your weight flow is 3-4 g/sec at the end of the shot too.

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I'm using a DF83 v2 w/ stock burrs, which are probably most similar HU burrs. Also using RPavlis water, thats 0/2 with your recollection.

I didnt check the weight flow but I know I was hitting 3.5ml flow rate and it was quite fast at the end, had to be at least 3-4g/sec. Entire shot was about 13 seconds.