Expobar Brewtus IV Steam Wand Replacements

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Postby springbrewman » Jan 11, 2018, 12:26 am

I've been searching all over the web and several pages on Home-Barista yet am still very confused on the best way to upgrade my steam wand tip for my Expobar Brewtus IV! It's just not clear on what size is the tip (not even in the owner's manual; is it 8mm?) and do I need a convertor for suggested tips? Thanks for any advice as my father and I are searching on this for our young coffee business. Thanks!


Postby viveur » Jan 11, 2018, 1:20 pm

Mine is 8mm. It's a no-burn steam wand, so the tip is male / wand is female - I imagine that any 8mm tip designed for a no-burn steam wand (with metric threading) should work: I don't know of any specific tips, but I remember seeing a fairly large selection.

I know that adapters are available, but I can't remember seeing any that fit the default wand.

Some people have instead bought a La Marzocco steam wand, which lets you use any La Marzocco compatible tip - I'm considering doing this in order to be able to use the Sproline Foam Knife, but steam wands aren't that cheap (and the foam knife is even more expensive), so I haven't done it yet.