Espresso with bitter start and sour finish! How do you fix that?

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I'm trying to dial in beans from airship called black apple. The beans are 10 days off roast, being ground using niche duo grinder and brewed with a Rancilio Silvia with PID and pump at 8 bars and brew temperatures at 200°. The beans are medium roast, and they are supposed to have notes of black cherry, orange citrus and dark chocolate. I put in 17 g of coffee and get 34 g out in 29 seconds. I stir the espresso before drinking it. Espresso tastes somewhat bitter at first but finishes somewhat sour.

I know how to fix a bitter espresso, I also know how to fix a sour espresso, but espresso that starts bitter and finishes sour no idea!
I'm using a naked porta filter and do not see any irregular flow or channeling. I use WDT and I have a self leveling tamper and I pay attention to the puck prep. My espresso machine is on for 45 minutes before I use it and it has a PID And I keep the porta filter in while the machine is warming up so I don't believe I have temperature stability issues. I also use good water.

Any advice appreciated.

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Often, a finer grind with a lowered dose so the shot doesn't choke delivers a smoother shot. It would still start bitter and end sour (almost all lighter roast espresso do), but it will ideally move from bitter-sweet to sweet-sour, which is delightful.
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You could try catching just the middle of the extraction by letting a bit of the first part and end go.
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