Espresso too hot, Nuova Simonelli Oscar 1

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Hi everybody,

I have a Simonelli Oscar 1 since near a decade now but I recently started to pay more attention to my recipe to get a better tasting espresso. I recently bought a coffee grinds stirrer to break the coffee clumps in the portafilter and noticed a difference. I'm waiting for a VST basket from the mail. I'm also looking to buy the OPV 10 bar valve kit, the 2 giclers, the anti-vaccum valve and the retainer valve from Elektro' s.

Currently, I find that the temperature of the espresso is too hot, I did not measure the temperature but to the feeling, it seems too hot since I need to wait 2-3 minutes to not burn myself. I would like to have your input on how to diagnose the problem and also verify if it's really too hot or it's just my perception. The espresso tastes fine and the crema is good. I flush water before pulling my shots.

Thank you