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Beginner and pro baristas share tips and tricks for making espresso.
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#1: Post by ral-foto »

Been enjoying this treat during the hot weather......reminds me of Manhattan Espresso Soda


#2: Post by chipman »

That is the specialty drink at "Andytown" the best coffee house in San Francisco.

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#3: Post by fxroberge »

Is this as simple as espresso in sparkling water???
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#4: Post by chipman »

This is Andytown's version. A slight variation of what is pictured here.

ral-foto (original poster)
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#5: Post by ral-foto (original poster) »

espresso, simple syrup and san ice cream or other additive


#6: Post by Znekcihc »

During summer I like to make a dirty horchata.

Oat milk
Cashew milk with cinnamon vanilla dates.


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#7: Post by beer&mathematics »

I like a simple fever tree tonic + SO espresso (lighter the better)
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#8: Post by jpaulm »

I enjoy tonic + ice + a slice of lemon + dark roast Italian beans with some robusta. The espresso will stay on top of the tonic (which is pretty) until mixed (which tastes more integrated). A very refreshing drink for a hot summer day.


#9: Post by Brien »

I love espresso tonics.


#10: Post by Honeycomb »

I'm a big fan of espresso soda. I've found that pouring soda on but not above ice, then pouring the espresso on the ice helps keep as much carbonation in solution as possible.

Favorite one is doing an espresso soda with orange simple syrup with a super chocolatey espresso.