Espresso single versus double dosing

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Hi guys:))
I'm really a bit confused and need some clarification.
I'm looking to drink dark roast Napoletano espresso like Passalacqua, Saka, Tostini, etc. All them are quite expensive stuff.

People of Napoli drinks 7gm espresso classical size but it's made in double basket for 14 gr. split into 2 cups. If I make espresso at home in double basket 14/15 gr. 7gr is just wasted? It's quite expensive! Dark espresso 14 gr is too strong to drink as a single espresso. To use 7gr. basket is criticised all around due to its design. I can imagine two cups of espresso up to 9gr. each but hardly can one 14 /15 gr. single.

I'm sure this possibly already was discussed but can't find anything to my regret. Will appreciate your comments. Thanks

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It's a topic that comes and goes. Classically for those pulling Italian-style shots, more recently for crazies and 250 g or smaller bags (or roast batches) of coffee.

Here's a current thread that links to some of the older ones

7 gram single shot?? Mission impossible!

There is probably some good information in the "search for Italian coffee" thread, but my interest tends to be in getting the most out of those smaller bags.

M997 (original poster)

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Getting a good shot from any current, pump-driven, home machine with a dose around 7 g is a challenge. Even with the better basket and tamper combinations. Very good words.
Looks like no solution only compromise.