Espresso Flow Rate Too High Despite at Finest Grind Setting

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Hi all,

Last June I bought myself my first espresso machine and grinder - a Bezzera hobby (which the previous owner had modified to have a PID controller), and a Lelit William grinder. I've been trying on and off when I've had time to get it to make some good shots but had no luck.

Whenever I pull a shot, it takes about 5 seconds for liquid to start coming out (which from my research seems about correct) but then the shot comes out extremely quickly. If I put in 15-17 grams, the time to get 30g out is 10-12 seconds. From what I've seen, this should be somewhere between 20-30 seconds. The coffee itself is extremely sour (which I've seen implies underextraction which makes sense seeing as the brew time is so low) and usually has a very very small amount of crema.

I've been trying to diagnose this for some time and the main variables seem to be grind size and dosage. I tested several grind settings and even at the finest setting my grinder has, I get a similar result. Similarly with the dosage, going beyond 17-18g, the top of the puck contacts the dispersion screen which is suboptimal as well.

My next thought was perhaps my puck prep. I've tried to improve my tamping technique and evenly distribute the coffee before tamping but still no luck. From what I've seen, my pucks don't seem to have clear signs of channeling. I used to use a cheap delonghi machine with a pressurised portafilter at work with decent results. Of course this is a very different kettle of fish, but I like to think it means my technique isn't atrocious (happy to be told otherwise)?

If anyone has any ideas where I could be going wrong I'd be so grateful. This has been very frustrating and I could do with something going right for me at the moment for a change.



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Are you using fresh coffee beans?

Ben Z.

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Probably just need to grind finer. Doesn't really matter that you are on the finest setting. That might not be fine enough.

DwayneBow (original poster)

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My beans are quite old since I was away for a while. I've ordered new ones from a roaster I had good results with on the cheaper delonghi to see if that helps.


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A lot of the time super stale/old beans will gush out. The rest of your process sounds good so hopefully fresh beans will solve the problem!