Espresso extraction taste changes in drink

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Hi Everyone,

I am hoping I am not the only one encountering this ... Extraction taste changes in the drink.

Here is my setup
1. Ceado E37S with grind setting at 2.25
2. ECM Synchronika with Naked 20g IMS portafilter and IMS Showerhead.

After two attempts, I noticed no clumping but some static. However, my tare on the acaia remained 18g with some particles on the shaker.

Haven't found an answer to this question.

It is regarding extraction taste. I have got my machines dialed in pretty good. I have eliminated clumping and have minimal static using the Lyn Weber Blind Shaker yet amazingly my outbound grind size on the grinder remains zero retention every time. My extraction works by the first drip on the cup to a 1:2 ratio instead of the moment water hits the portafilter.

Here's my question. Can the first taste of my extraction be bitter and my third taste on the same extraction be sweet and smooth? This is what I am getting from my extraction. What are your thoughts on this? Beans used is Coffee MIO Espresso and Ceado is dialed at 2.5 grind size.

Appreciate everyones input.


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That's a little hard to follow.

Are you saying that you pull a shot into a cup, then take a few sips. First sip tastes bitter and subsequent sips of the exact same shot from the same cup taste sweet?

Could be you are simply getting a mouthful of Crema in your first sip, which contains the bitterness.

Try stirring the shot with a teaspoon first. Stir in the Crema so the whole shot is homogeneous.


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Coffee most definitely changes in flavour profile as it cools down. What Lagoon said is also true, make sure you stir the espresso to mix the various parts of the extraction together. I always let my espresso sit for ~60-90s as it simply tastes far better a little cooler.

But on the other hand it's very interesting observing the flavour changes in the cup over time! Some notes are very clear upfront, others will only come out once cooled down a bit.


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Thank you for sharing Bach and Lagoon.

I am new to working with the equipment I have and the biggest part to the process is taste. I feel like I left that out in my workflow which is the final result ... taste ... Well I am learning everyday. Greatly appreciate your input.


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To me it's one of the great beauties of coffee. I'm 10 years in on this journey and still learning all the time :)

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You have not listed your duty cycle but this is my assumption on why the first shot is different than the 2nd and 3rd shot. It maybe that you are not doing a cooling flush on the first shot perhaps and the coffee is seeing much hotter temperature from the group than the 2nd and 3rd shot. This is dependant on how long do you let the machine heatup before the first shot, e61 grouphead you do need a cooling flush for the first shot even on the DB machine.
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