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Sedi wrote:Well, here is one of these folks who is not Heather. Someone posted this in a thread where people were asking and giving tips for latte art in an Israeli coffee forum. In the subject the poster wrote: "forget all of that, I'd rather take it from world's greatest latte artist".

Can you link me to this forum? I've been looking for an online Israeli coffee community for a little while. I know Israel takes its coffee very seriously! Very awesome coffee shops all over the country. :D


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Sure. Don't expect for much. Many dialogs there sound like ones of people who hit each others cars in a traffic jam, you know, the typical Israeli conversation. Many users who know their coffee got tired of it and write only occasionally when replying to a specific question. Until not too long ago, one of the moderators was the founder and owner of coffee-tech, he dropped. The interface is also annoying. This is however the most active coffee forum here and if you have a specific question about coffee in Israel there will always be someone there to answer. Here is the link: ... ?forum=320