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Beginner and pro baristas share tips and tricks for making espresso.
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Randy G.

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Just read through this thread. Seems to me to be a nominee the most effective thread for the purpose of taking the joy of coffee I can ever remember reading on HB. In one area we debate grinders costing thousands of dollars and in another espresso machines well over $5000. And in juxtaposition to those subjects, this discussion over seconds and cents.

Maybe I am just old school, maybe I am just old, and maybe it is just the PTSD from losing my home and living in an RV for around two years, but I prefer to looking forward to the aroma of opening the container of beans I blended and roasted myself and sittting down next to my wife of fifty years and leisurely sipping a delicious cup of coffee, its aroma filling my home instead of contemplating such trivial economies of pennies an seconds. So maybe it is just a thread for mental stimulation, but I have Tetris and Sudoku for that.

But I can play:
Speed of grinders and the economy of electricity
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The doubtful sanity of typing HB posts at 0430 hours

Missing Madeleine Page.
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Team HB

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@ Randy: You're preaching to the caffeinated. And about my "doubtful sanity" for typing on H-B at 4:30 in the morning, maybe that's not your sudoku. If I'm having a night of interrupted sleep, I may go onto H-B to otherwise engage my busy mind. Or read a book. Or meditate until I wear out my concentration. Any of those works for me. YMMV :idea: And a lovely shot of espresso in the morning in our comfortable home, of course.

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!