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Beginner and pro baristas share tips and tricks for making espresso.
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"Clean like you would anything you'd make and server food with"

For me, that means rinsing and wiping the basket dry after every shot. I rinse the group screen (or BPlus) after every shot (into a cup, so I don't have to empty the drip tray as often) and use a washcloth to wipe the excess water off the screen (so it doesn't drip onto the puck when I lock the PF in).

At two shots a day or so, I soak what is easily removable on my machine (basket, screen, dispersion block on a DE1, BPlus screen, steam tip) in Cafiza (or similar) weekly. After the soak, I rinse well with clean water. I scrub the group gasket with a stiff brush and Cafiza solution. I have used the Pallo Coffeetool Group Brush for many years. There are probably other, similar brushes as well.

On a conventional machine, the brew path is shared with the exhaust path. These machines can benefit from backflushing with a blind basket and Cafiza periodically. I'd guess somewhere between monthly and weekly for a typical home user, depending on how many shots you pull a day. If you wait too long and the exhaust is really grimy looking, you might want to go more often. When you backflush, you also tend to remove the coffee oils from the cam inside the E61 group. That can lead to squeaking sounds until they build up a bit again.

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AtlasRearden wrote:One thing I'm curious about is what people with similar equipment have settled on for a daily cleaning routine. Obviously this is a bit dependent on your usage, but a lot of the tutorials online seem to deal with the more infrequent cleaning that includes the whole Cafiza/backflush rigmarole. I'm wondering about the right things to do after pulling 2-5 shots and then letting it sit for the day. Do you just wipe out the portafilter? Rinse with water? Wash with soap and water? Do you just wipe out the group head with a cloth? More? I'm sure it's a super simple answer, but just wondering if there's an established best practice.
Daily routine:
Pull shot, enjoy my coffee and then clean after my second cappuccino.
Rinse with warm water then and dry portafilter.
I flush the group head to clean the screen.
Pull the drain tray and then with a micro cloth and eyeglass cleaner clean the chrome and shot mirror. Wash and dry the drip tray and flush the plastic drip tray that is plumbed in.

On each friday (don't ask me why I chose friday except I can remember it) I back flush with just water before cleaning the drip tray and cleaning the chrome. I'm lazy when it comes to back flushing so I have a Weber Spring Clean for that. Typically do two cycles.

Back flush with Cafiza on the first friday of each month. Soak the portafilter basket in Cafiza.

Every six months:
Check all o-rings and seals, lubricate or replace if needed.
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I have an E37S. It took about 5# of coffee to settle down to consistent grinds. It is affeced by how many beans are in the hopper so I keep it about half full. I have a Profitec Pro 600 and wipe the basket out after every shot with a paper towel. Every few days I clean the portafilter and basket with cleaner. I also wipe the infuser screen once or twice each moring as I pull up to 12 shots each morning. I made espresso with a Silvia and Rocky for almost twenty years and it still took me a week to dial myself in to the new machine and grinder. Me, I won't try to use FC until you master a regular shot w/o it. You'll be temted to try a bunch of things at once. Don't do that. Change one thing at a time and don't change that for several shots to make sure your changed results weren't a fluke. Keep practicing, reading ,watching and you soon be pulling good shots. Enjoy.