ECM Puristika + Niche Zero, dosing... you know, lotsa questions

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First, thank you to everyone who helped me with my transition from my Ranchilio Silvia + Kitchenaid grinder to the ECM Puristika + Niche Zero. The latter especially has been the most interesting change and I can confirm, after having the new Puristika and my old grinder for ~2 weeks while the Niche was being shipped, that you should invest in a good grinder first.

Can anyone help with this series of unconnected, random questions?

With the Niche I'm grinder into the provided cup, placing the PF on top then flipping it over to deposit the grounds into the PF. It always ends up slanted, mounding up dangerously on one side and threatening to spill out once I take off the cup. Is there a trick to this so that I stop worrying about losing my carefully measured dose? I don't want to tap it with the cup still on top for fear of fines migration, though after this point I am using a WDT on it.

With the WDT I'm using it with a funnel, but when I take off the funnel there are grounds on part of the rim that I wipe into the basket with my finger. Then I tap once on the counter and tamp. If I don't use the funnel it's harder but then I don't have this extra dusting of residue. Any thoughts on this?

I'm getting pretty good, evenly pulled shots much of the time but not consistently. How do you adjust for different beans? I'm getting freshly roasted beans from a good local roaster but their single origins are limited. Do you just figure this out over time, the new grind/tamp/dose? I'm guessing the answer is yes and it becomes intuitive.

I'm using light, fruity roasts with a 16g dose and 32-38g of espresso as a starting point, 94ºC on the machine. I expect I'll be here for a while to figure it all out, but I'm getting pretty good shots more than half of the time now. But how do you figure out the end of the shot, meaning do I pull out the cup right at my 32-38g goal or do I turn of the lever and wait for the rest to drip out? If so there would be a lot of additional grams of espresso in the cup so I would have to shut of the lever earlier at some guessed number of grams.

This is my biggest question. Right now I'm looking at my timer and grams of espresso coming into the cup and when it more or less hits 32g I'm quickly shutting it off, pulling off the scale (that is not water proof) and taking out the cup quickly as the final couple of grams drip out of the PF. This isn't very elegant and I'm wondering if there's a better way to deal with this.