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Compass Coffee wrote:I thought so too until today and now disagree. See this thread Cleaning Note: Front flushing an E61 dispersion screen
And see my response. Jim is staying with me next week. If we have time, I'll pry off the screen, and one of us will beg forgiveness. :D
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Compass Coffee

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Actually I agree the screen itself was quite clean. But the inside wall of the screen carrier had a bit of gunk build up. Not major and no long soak required, just brief Cafiza solution soak and barest toothbrush brushing all gone. But enough that'll I'll be routinely popping it off in a month or so to see how it's fairing. If ok then go two months next time... Besides I agree with Dan, can't keep the equipment too clean! I'd rather err and clean when it's not needed than not clean when it is needed.
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