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It runs at the maximum 1.4-bar. Quite hot and at the highest recommended limit.
Tim Eggers
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#22: Post by GC7 »

sweaner wrote:Tim, what is your Pstat setting? I am now at 1.1 and am using a similar technique, flushing to 203.

I am between 1.1 and 1.2 where the boiler temperature is 250* (PID setting). The group idles at 214 and on average I flush to 203-204*, waait 25 seconds and pull the shot. At 20 seconds after starting the shot the probe generally reads about 201* which I have read is the point where the temperature curves for group probes and scace (coffee temp) probes cross or intersect.

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#23: Post by Brownie »

I am having success flushing to about 203f and wait 20sec...but i have to flush about 10oz...isn't that pretty much?

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What is your boiler pressure set to? When I dropped mine to 1.1 the flush volume decreased significantly.
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#25: Post by erics »

Carsten -

Certainly I agree with Scott. I would readjust the pstat lower in 0.10 bar increments until I reached the point where "steaming" was no longer fun. Don't forget to give the machine 30 minutes or longer to fully react to your adjustments.

You might also CONSIDER the installation of a thermosyphon restrictor (similar to US Vibiemme models). Alternatively, I have emailed you a copy of a La Valentina parts book and IF that is your machine, I might just have a new toy you can try out - a variable thermosyphon restrictor.

Eric S.
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