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Would it be totally derailing to go into levers like pavoni dwell time end vs shot time start?

I am getting extremely consistent fantastic shots now, but this uncertainty has me a little confused as i consider playing around with parameters for fun.
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NEVER mind the earlier grinder reference, I misread the OP's profile, and lack of sleep.

I would say that the Forte can be calibrated a LOT more towards what sounds like "burr rub." This will gve the OP more grinding range on the fine side.
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The concept of dwell time is useful in terms of establishing and recognizing normative flow rates, shot times, etc., and as a diagnostic for grind/dose. If I'm not mistaken it was coined by Jim (Another Jim).
The term has been used by espresso machine techs since before I started. If the pump pressure is fine, flow is OK, but there's longer dwell times than usual, a gicleur is fouled (or the E61 springs are need replacing). They would also change jets if people wnated more dwell time (especially on super sudden machines like the old Linea). Playing with this things until everything was right was the way of tuning pre-electronic machines.
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