Duomo Tamper and Customer Service

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I came home today to an envelope from Korea. Inside was a note that the manufacturer of the Duomo Tamper had found a design flaw and was sending a part to correct the issue. This wasn't solicited by me, nor was the "flaw" problematic for me in practice. The Duomo Tamper is not low cost so perhaps this level of service should be expected but even if expected, it isn't often seen so I thought I would write a quick review.

For those not familiar, this is essentially a Duomo The Eight distribution tool and tamper in one. https://coffeeduomo.store/product/duomo ... y_group=1
I purchased it because I was looking to streamline my workflow, free up some space on my counter (NYC apartment), create a neater work area, and to try and improve my puck prep as I've been working with higher flow shots and gushing had been a bit of an issue.

Equipment at the time of purchase-
Decent DE1XL, Weber EG-1, Decent WDT rake, Force Tamper with flat base, Decent 18g basket

Equipment in the photos (apartment is being redone so some equipment moving around)-
GS/3, Weber Key, Duomo tamper, Decent 18g basket

The website linked above has a good video of the mechanics of the device. I've attached some pictures of the note describing the issue, and some photos of a dose directly from the Key magic tumbler, after distributing with the Duomo, and after tamping. Coffee is Square One Zambia Kateshi- 17 dose, 45g out, in ~27 sec.

Here are all the things I like:
It is repeatable. One less thing on the counter. I don't find it as messy as using a puck rake. Manufacturer stands behind their product. Finally, except for the point on turbo shots below, it does exactly what I would expect in terms of performance.

What I don't like:
To adjust the needle depth you have to use a small screwdriver. It just takes a minute and I rarely change baskets so in practice it isn't an issue for me, more just a point on the design. For somebody that changes baskets often it could be an issue.

Things I'm neutral on:
Its price, to me this is in the eye of the buyer. Fine for me, but I'm sure some will say it is expensive. I still get gushers on turbo shots.

Happy to answer questions but might take me a few days to reply. Shoutout to Coffeez for the great service!


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I'm really curious about this tool, mainly for the reasons you described. Are you still using and enjoying it? Is it a tool you'd recommend overall vs the other high end tampers?