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If I wanna downdose a lot I simply catch the grounds in a small glass that's on a jewelery scale. After that I turn the glass over into the basket and do the WDT. This is quite easy without a yogurt cup because the grounds do not reach until the rim.
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Hi guys,

I think down dosing is easier on doserless grinders with narrow spouts and I guess Mazzer E-series are the best example of this. The narrower the spout the easier to pour the coffee where you want inside the basket. I can easily grind 12g into a double basket with my funnel-shaped spout simply by moving the basket/PF around under it. It works well because the spout dispenses the grinds into a quite narrow area which makes dosing a joyful exercise.


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#13: Post by Jacob »

Psyd wrote:That'd be up-dosing. Up-dosing is fairly simple, as you point out. The trick is down-dosing with an even distribution.
I was talking about tapping as a part of the problem, something to avoid, not as a solution!

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I have gotten quite good at down dosing (12-14 gram double) because my machine of choice does not work well above that. When I dose, I move the portafilter around so the doses fall around the perimeter of the basket instead of one big lump in the middle. Then a simple 3 light thumps down on the tamping mat levels everything off. As with anything dosing related, I think the grinder will make a huge difference. Some just don't need much fuss, grind, dose and squash while other need more care to make sure the distribution is even and void of bolder sized clumps.
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