Dosing down from 20g to 18g

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Hi all,

I have always dosed 20g on my machine and grinder, and have been getting good results for the past year. Now I ordered an 18g basket same ims nanotech as my 20g. And oh my god, I cannot for the love of me get a decent shot.

So firstly tried 18g dose, with the same grind settings as my 20g, as expected it ran too fast. So I started grinding finer. I am able to hit the 26-30s brewtime for a 36g output but the naked shot was horrible, multiple streams everywhere that would not converge at the center and the puck sticks to the brew head when taking out the portafilter.

If I grind coarser the thing becomes a waterfall, too fast... finer and the go way over the 30sec "shot window".

My puck prep is exactly the same whether using the 20g or the 18g basket. Any tips other than going back to doaing 20gs on the 20g basket. My target is to dose 18g from now instead of 20g to allow more milk on my usual cup. Thank you


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Sounds to me like you don't have enough headroom and the puck is expanding into the head?


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In addition to the previous Post, I'd add distribution. The finer you grind, the most likely you are too have channeling. Do you redistribute before tamping?

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Basket dose numbers are I D I O T I C !!!

Try grinding finer, decreasing dose in 0.25g increments, then adjusting by 0.1g to achieve desired taste.

Once a coffee is dialed, I don't adjust the grinder and tweak by 0.1g adjustments to compensate for age and weather.

As others have mentioned, distribution is paramount. Please list your procedure.

MikaBuday (original poster)

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yes at 18g in the basket its touching the screen

MikaBuday (original poster)

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1. I grind into one of those dosing cup/rings things from amazon then shake up a bit to break up lumps.

2. lift the middle thing from the dosing ring to transfer grounds to portafilter, tap once or twice.

3. I may use on of those wdt needle things to further breakup what may have clumped during transfer.

4. I use the Asso distribution tool, then due to habit, lightly tamp using a rocket tamper.

5. Place the portafilter in the grouphed.

Im thinking of dosing down as mentioned, thanks for the tips...


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MikaBuday wrote:yes at 18g in the basket its touching the screen
Always good to lock in portafilter with your dose and then remove it immediately and check for clearance, if you have contact before the puck is even wet, you know you have a problem.

MikaBuday (original poster)

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yeah no, it only contacts after extraction I did check :)


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Did you try dosing 18g into the 20g basket? Could be an easy fix but makes your purchase a waste.
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MikaBuday wrote:yes at 18g in the basket its touching the screen
Try a shorter screen, if pos.

See Screen-O-Rama or Why [E61] Dose Advice is Highly Suspect