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Beginner and pro baristas share tips and tricks for making espresso.

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IMS baskets are hard to dial in, especially if it's a bit staler. I say switch your basket to either the one that came with your machine or get an EPHQ 14g/21g basket as I've found those easier.

Might be a bit of a tangent and I don't know if you're still learning but the best, oft repeated advice I've read on here is: Buy yourself a comfort blend. down dose to 14-15g. Tamp reasonably level. Use a standard basket and get roughly 2oz in about 25 seconds.

You really don't need WDT, distributors, and fancy baskets that Youtubers and blog posters claim in the secret key to espresso euphoria. You should master what has been done decades before the third wave craze started.

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FWIW/FYI: IMS Competition baskets, with sloped sidewalls, are actually very easy to dial in compared to their straight-wall variant, VST baskets, etc. I use the 24.5 and 26.5 height versions and with rare exception, get channeling. Although I like my VST baskets for light/medium-light roasts, I have to take more care to get even flow when I use them...

Also, with baskets requiring a much finer grind, it usually works better with pre-soaking the puck aka "pre-infusion", "pre-brew", etc. as the density of the fine grind puck can easily induce channeling even for the experienced using a variety of grooming methods.
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exidrion wrote:IMS baskets are hard to dial in

IMO, a selection of baskets is required to achieve optimal results from divers coffees. A dozen doubles and a few triples seems about right.


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I may be a fool, especially as a newbie, but have just decided to only use my 15/18/20 VST ridgeless baskets for now.

I was told to stay away from them until I get better and more knowledgable as they were more finicky/unforgiving - problem is, that felt like a challenge to me (hell, if the shot doesn't work out I just drop in some half and half and nuke it for 16 seconds... problem solved... try try again)

The thing is - I do feel like I am starting to get used to the way those little bastards want things now. Still not dialed in... but feeling more confident anyway. They are unforgiving... so I just spend a lot of time and effort doing things just so. I feel like just picking A basket and getting to know it for a couple weeks at a time is the right approach. Rinse...repeat.

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Just don't dose 15/18/20 grams. Think of them as Medium, Large and Huge.* Adjust dose and grind to taste.

There are smaller 'double' baskets, nominally 12g.