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There are a couple styles of portafilter-friendly grind receptacles on the market:
  1. A plain cylindrical container (e.g.Acaia, Rhino, or the one that comes with the Niche Zero) that you flip onto your portafilter basket to transfer the grounds. To distribute/break up clumps, you could stir the interior with a whisk/WDT tool and/or give a shake if you cover the opening.
  2. The Lyn Weber Blind Tumbler & Shaker that has a central "plug" that you can stir to distribute grounds, and lifting the plug turns the receptacle into a chute that dispenses coffee from the bottom into your portafilter.
Anyone compare their results from using these containers, e.g., is one style more effective than the other? Are you paying more for just the brand? There are generic Lyn Weber knockoffs that sell for a fraction of the cost, and even the Rhino dosing cup is half the price of the Acaia. Thoughts?

I have a Baratza Sette that I grind directly into my basket (18g ridgeless VST), but even though clumping is fairly minimal, I'm still getting some channeling (not using any kind of WDT in the basket). Just wondering if the grind-into-a-cup-and-distributing method would further reduce any chance of channeling, and whether a $20 Rhino dosing cup is just as effective as the $40 Acaia or $80 Lyn Weber!

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Hi Julian

I generally use a simple SS dosing cup when needed but personally prefer to dose directly into the portafilter. I see you are located in BC. I have a LW Blind shaker that I don't use. I found it just doesn't fit with my work flow... Might fit with yours.. :D
PM me if your interested.