Dose for double naked portafilter

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Postby adcampo » Mar 15, 2019, 7:28 am

I'm using a La Pavoni with a Lido e grinder.

I've read a traditional Italian espresso is 7gm. Most of what I've read says Americans use 12-14gm and a double shot filter. Is that for a single shot? Using 12gm, mine have amazing crema but are a bit too strong. They end up about 20-25ml or 25gm in weight.

I've tried 7gm in my double filter and it doesn't make a good shot.

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Moka 1 Cup

Postby Moka 1 Cup » Mar 15, 2019, 9:40 am

Dario, I am probably the last one that can give good advice, but I have been working on making the classic 7gr single shot "lungo" (20-25gr espresso), and I have been able to achieve excellent results, by trying different things and by following the advise I was given by other forum members. That is all I drink (I am actually using 8- 8.2 grams now).
You can read some of it here (especially on page 3): 7 gr single shot. Should I practice with a single cup or double cup filter?

The problem is that I think the Tidaka sets are only available for the 58mm portafilter. ... grale.html
four minutes to make an espresso? really?