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Beginner and pro baristas share tips and tricks for making espresso.
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Read the posts, and then go back and read them again.
I'm basing my 'bar' on a nationwide survey of every third wave roaster and shop that I've been able to get my mouth around on three separate national tours and a coupla dozen corporate road-gigs. This has included a three week sit-down in downtown Seattle (Vivace, Victrola, Monorail, Ladro's, Stumptown hadn't made the scene yet), more than one trip to San Francisco (Blue Bottle, Blue Bottle, Ritual, Barefoot), three trips to DC/Arlington (both murky locations) and a slew of also-rans to unmentionables in between.
And suggesting places that my market aren't anything close to these is based on what?
I have Intelli being pulled by a regional champion, a local roaster that knows his stuff pulling on a GB-5, and another serious pair of baristi pulling the same blends on a Synesso.

And the advice about not taking an analogy too far can't seem to be repeated enough. While there have been many analogies made to illustrate a point, no one has ever suggested that there is a one to one equivalency between the two, be it espresso machine and automobile, barista and cook/chef, or barista and auto mechanic.
There is no denying, however, that chefs and baristi share some similarities.
It is these similarities that the person that proposed the analogy wishes you to focus on.
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My experience is similar to Chris's in a much, much smaller scale.
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The coffee community seems to be in this weird evolutionary cycle, where we relearn the same lessons every 4 years or so.

From an old thread (in this case about barista competitions)...
another_jim wrote:Four years ago, the coffee world, as I knew it, was a simple place. If you wanted the best espresso on the planet (BEP), you came to my place, or the homes of a few other amateurs. All of a sudden, there's there's these barista competitions and the BGA. At first I'm thinking, "yeah whatever, the bush leagues' world series." Then I taste some of these guys' shots, and I'm scrambling to keep up.
Somewhere there is a write up from the Seattle SCAA show where leading home folks were served shots at the BGA booth that lead to the above quote. If anyone knows where it is - I'd love a link.
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The best shots I've ever had are from the BGA booth or the "espresso alleys" at SCAA conventions. It's here you get the roasters and baristas pulling out all the stops and doing their very best all the time, since they have an audience that appreciates their efforts.

The shots at top cafes are more variable. Even top baristas, while working at a high standard, won't be sweating every detail while doing a long queue of latte orders. It helps, if the store isn't too busy, to introduce yourself*. This will get the barista's attention, and a usually second try if the first shot is off.

* Not in the "nobody expects the espresso inquisition" style (although this has produced some amusing taste experiences), but as somebody who enjoys good shots and has heard great things about the place.
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#245: Post by malachi »

Ahhhh.... I found it.

Jim's awesome post
"Taste is the only morality." -- John Ruskin