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blutch wrote:PeetsFan - I am SO freaking grateful for your reply to this thread. This reply has made the most sense to me of everything else I've ready. THANK YOU THANK YOU!

I like the idea of an online class. I'll look into that at Clive. I like their videos a lot.

One thing I've discovered since my original post is that since I ordered an ECM Bottomless portafilter with my machine (random choice) it came with a triple, 20 gram basket.. so, when using 18 grams there is so much headroom in the pf that I couldn't use the St. Anthony Industries tamper I ordered.. it just wouldn't stretch far enough. So, I've started using 20 grams in and 42 out and this is happening in about 38 seconds including 10 secs of preinfusion. I'm drinking shots without milk and enjoying them. I use fairly dark roasted Ethiopian that I roast and haven't had any sour shots as far as I can tell. I'm enjoying the shots and they seem pretty consistent. The other factor is I'm waiting for a good grinder that is on pre-order but delayed. Turn DF64. So, it sounds like your message to me is to just live with what I'm producing now for a month which hopefully will be when my grinder gets here and then I'll start over dialing that in.

Thanks again for taking the time to set me straight!
I'm so glad I was able to help!
The Clive class is really good. They worked very hard to create it. I'm probably going to go through it again as a refresher.