Does extraction timing include preinfusion?

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Hi all, I'm using a brevile barista express and had a question about timing my shots. Im trying to go by the rule of cutting my shots at 30 seconds and looking at the shot volume. There is a pre-infusion time as standard with this machine so would i time from the time i hit the button to extract the shot, or only start timing from the time the first drop hits the cup? It usually takes 10 seconds before i see the first drop hit the cup.


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I just measure both separately. So I might be 15pre 30pull or something like that. I don't have enough hands to do both separately on a stopwatch or something so I just make a mental note what the timer hits as I start the pull.

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Extraction starts the moment coffee gets wet. If waters flowing, it counts.
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I measure both the time of pre-infusion till the 1st drop hits the bottom of the cup using line pressure, as our machine is direct plumbed & drained and total shot time. I use an iPhone 6+ Stopwatch in the Analogue mode so that I have both an analogue and digital readout and record of the last shot that I can refer to and determine if the grinder needs adjustment. I often refer to the last stopwatch reading later in the day or even the next day to analyze the grind 'situation'; of course you must know the weight of the last dose as well.

I just align a finger closely over the 'Lap' button on the phone so that I can tap it without having to look at it. The iPhone Stopwatch Analogue mode is nice too that in addition to the digital read outs of the various laps, the analogue 'Sweep' hands are of different colours, so you always know at a glance what you're looking at. The screen provides discrete readouts of the various Laps plus Total Run Time - very convenient!

I also find it helps to occasionally taste a drop of extraction about every 10-seconds, particularly at the end of the shot, to learn by taste, time and colour when it's 'done'. Using a naked portafilter is also most instructive and revealing.
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I have the Breville batista express as well. I listen until the pump ramps up and begin the count there. I have notice with our machine that it automatically stops the shot 30 seconds if the extraction goes to long (I hit the program button before the double shot button to start the shot and stop it manually by hitting the double button again)
I find that the built in grinder is too inconsistent to use the automatic timer.

My built in grinder died so I bought a separate grinder... now I get much more consistent shots.

Good luck

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I personally start from the second I hit the brew switch but what really matters is how the final results are in the cup and what your taste buds tell you. Extraction timing rules are just general guidelines. Once you find what you like use whatever timing methods that will most conveniently work to enable you to consistently get the results you want.

I guess the short answer is I don't know but it seems Tom answered the question.

Endodude (original poster)

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Yup the inbuilt grinder is not the best. I just picked up the breville smart grinder pro to test and its definitely an improvement. Going to next get 5lb of the redbird espresso to try as my current beans are not great and hopefully learn more and get better tasting shots.
You can manually press and hold the double shot button to start extraction, release to stop pre infusion then press again when you want to stop the extraction. I'm going to stop the pre infusion at 5s then stop the extraction at 30s and see how that works out.

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Thanks for the info!

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