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Do you thwack the doser handle fast or slowly?

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Compass Coffee

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With Rocky fast, into SS cannister that fits snugly so virtually no mess. Then to PF or Press or whatever. ... nister.htm

Truth be told I haven't integrated the (Tagex) Mazzer SJ yet. New burrs and ready to rumble but haven't figured out how to get/claim/take over the needed counter space...or a clean dosing aka grinds dispensing solution similar to what I came up with for Rocky. :oops: It seems about time to either remodel the kitchen (again) or move. :!:
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Matthew Brinski

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PureArabica wrote:1560 clicks per minute.
I'm only doing 1520 ... damn it!

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Compass Coffee wrote: New burrs and ready to rumble but haven't figured out how to get/claim/take over the needed counter space...
If the signiicant other is the hold-up (and I've seen pictures of you guys, it doesn't seem likely...) I just tend to stop bringing espresso drinks to serve in bed in the morning. Once she starts to wonder why and I explain that there isn't room on the counter for the kit required for that ritual, somehow some of the stuff that 'just can't live there' has a new home. :)
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Ken Fox

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framey wrote:I only ever use a doser (Mazzer) when I'm at a local roasterie, so I'm not overly familiar with best practice, but I remember reading a tip that suggested a hard fast doser pull makes the exiting coffee hit the wall of the exit chute and drop straight down rather than fly to left. I'll have to look more closely next time I'm at the roasterie.

An article found in Bean Scene Magazine (Australian) touches on dosing techniques. In particular check out;
The ERD (Excessive Random Dosing) Syndrome

I'll let you form your own opinions about the contents of the article...
They remind me of these two brothers who pawned themselves off as investment gurus on their website, wearing funny hats and dispensing investment advice during the runup to the tech wreck of 2000. One even used to see them on tv from time to time. After the market crashed they disappeared, and no one can remember what their names were.

It's THAT quality of advice, since you asked for an opinion :P

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I do it quickly but controlled like thariddla. I prefer to do it quickly with some panache style and confidence like I am the coffee man. Only grinding per shot but I guess that is a given these days.