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Beginner and pro baristas share tips and tricks for making espresso.

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I recently made my own WDT tool and posted about it in another thread. I made it using a wine cork and 3D printer nozzle cleaning needles from amazon. Super easy and cheap. Here's a link to the post : Still unable to make great espresso

I use that combined with a cheap dosing funnel to keep the grounds in the basket while distributing. There are endless posts and videos about WDT but it doesn't have to be complicated. I swirl the needles around in the basket until I feel it has been evenly distributed and give it a couple good taps to settle them back down.


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Nunas wrote: Most of the time, I use none of the above. My grinders produce reasonably fluffy grinds...
So this is what I do as well, with a Niche Zero and an EPC-8. After a few taps and whacks the grounds are setted pretty evenly. I see no evidence of significant channeling.

I may still try a cheap simple thin needle declumper but I'm on the fence at this point.


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What I did was, use a champagne cork and inserted in 4 toothpicks. Cheap, easy, and useful. It performs pretty well, sometimes I feel like the toothpicks are kinda thick, I might make another one using sewing needles next time I pop a champagne bottle.

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The WDT tool made by JKim Makes is the best price:performance WDT tool on the market.