Disappearing Milk During Latte Art Attempt

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Hello All,

I've been trying to get my latte art together. I think I'm producing some nice milk and some nice espresso.

When I lay down the initial milk into the espresso, all goes well. I think I've created a nice base mixture.

I then keep the latte cup tilted, and tilt the milk pitcher to the cup...touching the two vessels. The spout of the milk pitcher is just at the surface of the base mixture in the cup. Unfortunately, the milk keeps disappearing below the surface. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.


Thank you.



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I definitely cannot do latte art, however I have tried.

I wonder if it is the angle of your close pour pitcher & speed? Try a shallower angle of the pitcher when you're doing the "art" on top of your base.

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What kind of milk are you using?
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ZebcoKid (original poster)

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I'm using whole milk. What's so strange is I have a knack for this type of thing. I've watched tons of Lance Hedrick how to videos. Surprisingly elusive.


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Those that can do latte art make it look very easy.. but it is much more difficult than it seems.. Not only does the milk texture need to be just so, but you need a good espresso. I spent a year learning the basics, practicing a lot with soap/water. It is a difficult thing to diagnose through a forum. Your quickest fix would be to find someone who can do it to teach you.. Other than that, there are some really good videos on it: Sunergos, Lance, emilee Bryant.. and there are a lot of videos that show you what to do, but they don't tell you some key things they are doing so when you try it, it is difficult to replicate.

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Do your shots have much crema?
What size cups are you using?

Perhaps you can post some pics including what your milk looks like in the pitcher before the pour.
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Lol, I love some of the suggestions. If your milk is prepared properly which is sounds like it is, sounds like the angle and closeness is in the ballpark. Pour faster, then report back to us.
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#8: Post by GC7 »

This video has helped a lot of folks to texture milk and pour art.

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#9: Post by emradguy »

To me, the description of milk sinking to the bottom after it starts pouring well, is suggestive of inadequate incorporation of the microfoam with the remainder of the milk, such that, the top layer is pouring off and doing what it's supposed to, but then it's gone and the rest of the pitcher is just hot milk.

ZebcoKid (original poster)

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Hello All,

Thank you for the input on my "Disappearing Milk...."

I watched the video, and picked up a couple ideas. I think I have been heating the milk just a bit much. I purchased a thermometer so I can get a solid feel for it...then I can tuck it away.

Also...emradguy, I think you are correct too in the inadequate incorporating the microfoam with the remainder of the milk. This morning I poured the heated milk into a second pitcher. Although the art wasn't a Rembrandt, it wasn't a Rorschach either!

Thanks again, everyone.