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I recently bought a puck screen for my pullman basket initially there was an instant improvement in flavour and extraction although on inspection the pucks had a dark ring around the edge was this uneven extraction, since before using the puck screen I was having channeling problems this was still an improvement in flavour over previous methods
after about a month of use simultaneously experimenting with my puck prep and and preinfusion length i tried a shot without the screen, and was astounded about how smooth and balanced it was. Admittedly It wasn't as strong and I don't know extraction percent but going purely on taste I wouldn't use the screen again
My theory is that on a long preinfusion the puck screen does not allow your coffee to expand, and that my experience with a puck screen is it improved short falls in my equipment and technique but it can also obscure these very same thing. For me my improvement in puck prep produced orders of magnitude better results in flavour but maybe i never would have known if I continued using the screen


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Did you make sure you had headroom for the screen between puck and shower screen?


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I just went from a Silvia that left immaculate dry clean pucks popped out clean every time, I could build houses out of them, to a Silvano that leaves a mess of slop sticking to the shower head and gloppy in the portafilter, if this helps the puck keep its integrity, it will be worth it.

Update: Got one. Hate it. Tends to become part of the puck on knockout. Have a hot steaming disk of metal stuck to the pucks.
The shots are fine with it - it might even help things a little bit - but totally opposite from the benefit I'm wishing for.


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I've received the BPlus today, they recommend brewing 2 degrees hotter on the marketing page, have and you find this to be particularly important?


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Limited experience. The Flair 58 came, requires use of a diffuser screen. Decided to try using one on the MCal. AMZ purchase of a generic brand. MIC(infinity symbol)ZI. Benefits on the MCal. Keeps the grouphead dispersion screen cleaner. Negatives. Requires a lower dose to allow for adequate head space. Using the double basket for singles. Purchased another MIC..ZI screen to test against the Flair supplied screen. Don't notice any real differences. The generic screen were ~$14. Regarding the ultimate element. Taste. At least on the MCal. No benefit or negative.

Noticed that the various sellers spec different size "pores" in their screens. Guessing not that important in a manual lever machine.
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