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#21: Post by RapidCoffee »

Extraction graphs from a shot I pulled this morning on the DE1 without the puck screen (left), compared to yesterday morning's shot with the puck screen (right):

Decent 18g basket, 18g dose (not 17g), 1:2 brew ratio, 6ml/s preinfusion flow rate, declining pressure profile

Same observations: no obvious differences in flow (blue) and pressure (green) during the extraction. The puck screen produced a firmer spent puck with some improvement in body and mouthfeel.


#22: Post by steelval3 »

my experience has been a positive one with the Normcore puck screen (sold on Amazon) - like many have said, cleaner puck, cleaner group head, helps with channeling. As someone who pulls a few shots in a row in the morning, the "clean" improvements make this a worthwhile addition to my shot prep.

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#23: Post by Ulric »

I use one on my Flair58. How and how often are you cleaning the puck screen?



#24: Post by Grant »

I posted in another thread about my experiences with adding a paper screen (before putting in an order for the metal one) and with my Elektra A3 it made an instant and hugely noticeable impact on the quality, taste etc.

That said, I think in my case, it is solving one particular downside on the A3 when the water SLAMS the puck instantly and at full pressure upon brew cycle. On an espresso machine that already pre-infuses and has a more "gentle" water flow (ramping up pressure etc), I would expect that the benefits of the screen would be muted.

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#25: Post by fruitfly »

I have been using a screen on and off with different coffees, all medium roast, and tasted as espresso. I wasn't trying to solve a particular problem, just seeing what happened. For me, the effect of the screen varies with the coffee, mostly in altering the balance between darker (chocolate and roasted flavours) and brighter (fruit). Sometimes I don't notice any effect (comfort espresso blend), sometimes I like it better (Guatemala single origin), and sometimes I prefer no screen (Ethiopian/Colombia blend). I use it after the grind and shot time is dialled in, and then try it to see what happens.