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And as another update: that one day I had some luck... it was a fluke apparently. Not sure if I had switched beans or left the wand knob partially open or what. But had consistently crap shots for a couple weeks.

Ordered a Niche Zero and got it today. Ground at setting 20, the default right out of the box. The grounds were considerably finer in the hand than that from the finest setting on my Rocky (one step above 0) and I pulled two separate shots - the first, a dark roast, timed and tasted good. The second, a light roast, timed too long (like 45 sec) but still tasted okay.

Seems to me that something is wrong with the Rocky grinder as everyone has repeatedly said at the finest setting, it should be able to choke the Silvia... and it never could.


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I have an old Rocky that I bought about 15 years ago to go with a Gaggia Carezza (old model). I didn't get any consistency from the Rocky until I did the teflon tape mod to stabilize the upper burr. You must also avoid any sideways pressure on the hopper when grinding as it wobbles too much even with the teflon tape. Even then my range was only a few notches above the zero point.

Disassembly and thorough cleaning of the burrs can also help but if yours is new that shouldn't be an issue. I even tried to check the alignment with the dry-erase marker method but got inconsistent results (maybe I was doing it wrong, but the Rocky's design doesn't make it as easy as it should be).

When I got my BDB a few months ago it was obvious the Rocky wasn't going to do the job so I bought a DF64 which has been working well after a little breaking in. The DF64 is a bit messy but I wanted flat burrs and I can live with it for the price point. I also have a 1Zpresso JX-Pro (conical) that works well for espresso but I'm too groggy in the mornings to want to crank it every day.

My Rocky is on drip duty now. After much reading and tinkering I have come to the conclusion that the Rocky is a bare minimum grinder for espresso and that some of them are just so misaligned or wobbly from the factory that it's difficult to get them to perform consistently. That's just my opinion though.

Edit: Forgot to say you should be quite happy with the Niche. Only reason I didn't get one is the conical burrs. Well, that and the fact that it costs more and takes longer to get.
John M.


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Thanks... I did end up sending the Rocky back to the vendor.

To be honest I ordered the Niche Zero and had it within 2 weeks, so maybe I just got lucky? In any case... in the grand scheme of things, couldn't be happier with it for my espresso so far. Once I get my flat burr grinder in January, I will be set.