Different Brew Pressures

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So, I know that from doing a lot of reading, some coffees benefit from a standard 9 bar pull, and some lighter roasts will benefit from a 6 bar pull (and yes if I want to get real clever, I can vary the pressure during the duration of the pull)

Now, my question is this. I have a Rocket Apartamento, with no modifications. I can manually adjust the pressure value, which is annoying. Is the best way to pull different shots to have a machine with a pressure valve like a Bianca or a GS3 etc? Are there other machines that are less expensive than a GS3 that allows me to do this via an easy to access pressure valve adjust? Or practically speaking something like a Bianca or similar E61 is the most cost effective way to go?

Would I be able to also replicate that using a lever manual machine (assuming I can learn to master that technique)?

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In my experience (robot) pressure profiling is kinda automatic. My target when pulling a shot is a lever movement that feels "right" (consistent to slightly increasing speed) Because of this some beans get a pretty flat pressure curve, and some get a more dramatic drop in pressure. FWIW: I've never had anything improve when pressures got over 8bars.