Dialing in VBM Domobar Junior HX + Lavazza Super Crema

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Hi all,

it's been some time since I started following the forum (which I very much enjoy), so I thought about getting out there and ask for some advice :D .

I recently got a new VBM Domobar junior HX + Ceado E5P + Lavazza super crema, though I am having a difficult time finding the right dial in. I typically use 15gr for a double. Now the issue I seem to encounter is the following:
  • If I dial the grinder so as to extract 35gr of product in 25 seconds, the pressure shoots up at 12/13 bar, which seems to me to be too high. Also the coffee is quite bitter for my taste (I am Italian, so, in principle I like strong short coffees). It seems over extracted, but the flow/color is right.
  • If I dial the grinder adjusting it to pull at about 9/10 bars, then I get way too much product: about 100gr in a 25 seconds pull. This is watery, and seems under extracted.
In a nutshell I don't seem to be able to get the right combination of flow and pressure: either the right flow, but too much pressure; or the right pressure but wrong flow. Suggestions?

Happy to post a couple of pictures to give the experts a better idea :-) Cheers!

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#2: Post by ChiRho »

I've had that same setup for a number of years and it is more than capable. My first suggestion would be to get your OPV adjusted to somewhere around 10 or 10.5. Search the forum for instructions. Remember too that the burrs on your Ceado are in the process of seasoning, assuming it's new. Making small adjustments on the E5P is tricky and can take a couple of grind cycles before the changes can be seen due to retention.

I think the coffee you are using is the main problem and I suggest finding a local roaster to source the freshest beans.

mario-ristretto (original poster)

#3: Post by mario-ristretto (original poster) » replying to ChiRho »

Thank you ChiRho for the tips. I fixed the OPV pressure at around 10, and I already saw a significant improvement.

Any suggestion on where to find freshly roasted coffee? I came across this website, though I am not sure whether there is a better source.

https://thecoffeeroasters.co.uk/pages/a ... ters-in-uk



#4: Post by ChiRho »

That link looks like it has a lot of good choices though I am unfamiliar with your area. I bet there's one within walking distance of where you live in a city that size!

You may also consider increasing your dose to 16g and grinding just a tad coarser. I'm usually between 16 and 17 grams on my stock double basket. Have fun and enjoy!


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ChiRho wrote:Making small adjustments on the E5P is tricky and can take a couple of grind cycles before the changes can be seen due to retention.
Really? I thought the E5P had just a few grams of retention...


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I just purged my e5p with a bellows and got 6.5 grams of stale grounds out. With a clean grind chamber, I dosed 18 grams and got 12.5 grams out on first dose. Two more 18 gram doses after all the voids filled in the grind chamber were 18 grams in and 18 grams out. I find the e5p very similar to the Mazzer SJ wrt retention.