Dialing-in 1Zpresso K-Max grinder with Picopresso

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I have recently purchased my Picopresso and am so excited to try my coffee beans on it.

I also have 1Zpresso K Max grinder.

Can anyone help me with the best setting for the Picopresso or how many clicks to dial in?

Thank you in advance


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I have the Picopresso and J-Max but just in case...
I really depends of the beans and also if the grinder has been zero-ed but I usually find my sweet spot between 1-2-5 (1 turn, position #2, 5 clics) and 1-3 (1 turn, position 3).
Hope it helps.

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I have a K-plus, which I believe is the same burrset and adjustment mechanism, as well as a picopresso.

Start at 3.5 and go from there.

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For me I use a K-Max with a Picopresso and for roughly 16g in and 32-36g out in about 25 seconds my range so far is really only been between 2.9-3.3 - for example Monarch by Onyx seems to do really well for me at 3.2. I really only use Medium and Dark roasts on my Picopresso as I feel they seem to work best with the Pico. Also I have modified my set up and use an IMS basket instead of the stock basket and I also use a puck screen as well as a paper filter on the bottom.

A note I've only ran about 120-130 shots of Espresso from Onyx, LiLo, Dune, Coava, Passenger, Moving, Unity Roasters so I'm really just beginning to really have fun with the Pico
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Depending on the roast 2.0-3.0 for me. I think closer to 3.0-3.2 when I was pulling slot of shots.
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Did you find shots would choke without the filter paper at 3.2 and below? I have the same setup without the filter paper and I can't seem to pull a shot below 3.3 (which already feels close to choking).



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Got a K-max paired with the IMS basket. Have been pulling shots with 16g in 32g out grind setting of 2.9 to 3.0 clicks, beautiful shots.